Quick Recap: “The New Normal”

14 Feb

To New Love

Love is in the air

OMG. Spencer and Toby are just too cute together. Caleb and Hanna get along as friends but there are sparks flying in the air, next week they definitely share a kiss or two. Speaking of kisses, Emily got a kiss, from an unlikely mate, Paige McCullers, CRAZY. Ezria (Ezra and Aria) definitely enjoyed their time together this week and at one point Byron got jealous of Ezra for having a “young boyish smile” however at the end Byron offered Ezra beer and a chance to meet up and talk. Back to Spencer and Toby, the two unlikely allies coming together to find out who exactly “A” is, along the way Toby stands up to Jenna, stating “I’m going with Spencer” and then grabbing Spencer’s arm which btw was UBER CUTE, made us fans realize that Toby is actually a “good innocent guy” with such a kind heart, truthfully I have to say my heart sort of melted, Spencer you are so lucky…..

However, Hanna’s mom got her own dose of drama. All I can say is, will the money issue ever go away? My prediction probably not.

Favorite Outfit:

Moral of the Episode-

As Aria stated, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”

Current “A” suspect-

We didn’t see Melissa and Ian in this episode (thank god) HOWEVER, Jenna is my new number one “A” suspect, there is something about her that’s cryptic …..

Random Fact:

Anyone else find it funny/odd that 214, happens to also be the date 2/14, which the episode is aired and lands on Valentine’s Day.


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