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20 Oct

After a LONG and I mean uber long hiatus, I have returned and promise to never leave again. Now that all the busy stuff are done and over with, I will be able to dedicate more time with this blog. Over the next period of months this blog will be revitalized and MUCH better than it is now. Look forward to street/ casual fashion up to fashion shown on tv shows. Pictures from daily lives along with recaps of American and Korean shows will be available!


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2 Feb

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Quick Update on What’s Coming …….

23 Jan

Pretty Little Liars (cast)

  1. Look for the “Winter” version on How To Manage Your Money
  2. Golden Globe Award
  3. PRETTY LITTLE LIARS fashion guide (addiction to PLL)
  4. GOSSIP GIRL fashion guide (anticipating and counting down to the days of it’s return)
  5. FASHION WEEK !!!! (favorite part of the year)
  6. Fashion trends for school, dates, dinners with family, etc (all occasions)
  7. What actresses are wearing.
  8. Top 5 or 10 Fashion Movies to watch
  9. Soon I will be taking suggestions and opening up fashion advice section!
  10. More stuff to come later …..

Gossip Girl (the show where fashion is a necessity to fit in)

Hello fashionistas!

23 Jan

Actress Lucy Hale (Aria in PLL)

Welcome to  world of fashion. In this blog I will be blogging about

  • Pretty Little Liars fashion (blog inspired by the show)
  • Gossip Girl fashion (you know you love fashion)
  • How To Manage Money
  • Fashion Everyday
  • And many more fashion related stuff ….

The blog won’t be updated daily, but I will try to update as much as I can. At most there will be at least 3 posts in a month or more but never less!