Quick Recap: “The Kids Are Not All Right”

25 Jan

Gossip Girl’s mid-season return rated a solid “okay” on the excite-o-meter. The show started 2011 lacking flair. Hopefully next week’s episode will make up for this week’s “not that great” episode.

Quick Recap:

Chuck and Serena scheme together. Bass Industries is sold. Ben gets out of jail. Blair and Dan both search for internship. Beginning of a wonderful (or potential failure) friendship between Blair and Dan.

Best Outfit: Serena Van Der Woodsen’s chic belted green plaid trench worn with ash brown over-the-knee boots.

Coat: Burberry Bag: Cleobella Jeans: Rag & Bone Boots: Tania Spinelli

Best Line:

Dan: “You’re an evil dictator of taste”

(of course Dan, we already know how Blair can be when it comes to fashion)



Quick Recap “Careful What U Wish 4”

25 Jan

Short Recap:

DRAMA. Ian is still a creeper. New kid named Caleb looks even more creepier. Hanna was tortured to break Lucas’ heart but at least she got money. Emily gets drunk. Aria gets jealous. Spencer and Hanna receive a new picture from A that contains a shadow (which may possibly be Spencer or not).

Best Outfit:

Hanna Marin’s floral dress for the dance-a-thon wins this week.

Dress: Betsey Johnson
Shoes: Coach
Belt: Betsey Johnson

“A” Message:

“You have Lucas’ heart. Now rip it out. Last dance $1000.”

Current “A” Suspect:

Still Ian but now also Caleb.

Lesson learned from the episode:

Keep your babysitter away from your English teacher


Oh, Blair…..

24 Jan

………. We love you and your headbands

“Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl’s Upper East Side teenage fashionista, has turned one style quirk into a trend: her ever-present headband. What makes them so wearable? The key is to place them at least an inch back from the hairline. “If you have bangs, sweep them in front to soften the look,” says the show’s hairstylist, Elizabeth Reilly-Davila. ”

Dear Blair Waldorf,

Now that Gossip Girl will be back on tonight (it’s been ages since there has been a new episode of Gossip Girl?!), I couldn’t help but fall head over heels over your abundant amount of headbands. As I was having a mini marathon I came across many Susan Daniels and Jennifer Behr headbands that I used to love.

Whether you are wearing your usual preppy and girly-girl headbands, or a blend of a 1920s flapper vibe with a dash of boho-chic. I can picture whisking my hair back on its iffiest of days, slipping into a headband similar to yours, and instantly being transformed from semi-unpresentable to effortlessly glamorous.

But alas, I suspect the headbands you wear and I are star-crossed lovers, a la you and Chuck Bass. If my internet stalking results are to be trusted, I believe you either wear Jennifer Behr or Susan Daniel Headbands, which though surely is an ideal match for someone out there, it is too pricey for a girl known to love a trendy hairpiece one day only to question whether it is stupid-looking the very next.

Thus, I will be distracting myself with one of the below less-investmenty headbands, which while certainly not a substitute, are pretty enough to keep me entertained for a while. In the meantime, I hope you have fun making out with Dan Humphrey (or whomever your next conquest may be) …. but that you go back to Chuck soon, because we kind of have a thing going for him.



Top 5 favorite Blair Waldorf Headbands

Silk bow headband by Susan Daniels; You can also find this in Forever 21

Silk bow headband by Susan Daniels; Forever 21 also offers a similar kind

Shiny velvet headband by Susan Daniels; Can also be found in Forever 21

Printed silk headscarf by Voom; Can be found in Anthropologie

Available in Ulta or Topshop


Recap on “Know Your Frenemies”

23 Jan

Alison in 1x13


This week on Pretty Little Liars, A continues to torment the girls, but also starts to help them in a few ways. Hanna, unfortunately, gets ordered by A (through text of course) to eat six cupcakes in order to get some of her money back. The experience causes her to remember her former binging days and the fact that Ali taught her how to purge. She resists the urge to throw up the cupcakes and finds several hundred dollars in the paper towel dispenser in the bathroom.

Noel continues to annoy Ezra for an A on his paper, but Ezra refuses to give an A. To keep Noel from continuing to threaten Aria, Ezra decides to resign and move away. However, before he can do this, the principal finds the answers to three midterms in Noel’s locker. The girls get a text from A that says, “A is for Allison, not Amateur,” confirming that Noel is not A.

Spencer is worried about Melissa because she thinks Ian is manipulating her. Her suspicions get even worse when she finds out Melissa is trying to get pregnant, forgetting about all her previous ambitions.

They all get a text from A that tells them to check their computer, in which they receive a video of Alison and Ian together.

Favorite “A” Text:

“A is for Allison, not Amateur”

Favorite Outfit:

Aria Montegomery

The leather jacket and the green fringe-looking tanking, make for a cute ensemble wardrobe along with the necklaces.

Random Fact:

Is it me, or if you were being stalked by someone calling themselves “A,” isn’t it weird to wear a necklace with a giant “A” on it? I mean, even if your name does begin with “A.”

Current “A” Suspect:

Used to be Noel, but now changed to Ian or Jenna.

Fashion Week Timeline

23 Jan




  • 1943 – Fashion Publicist, Eleanor Lambert, creates the first New York Fashion Week, at that time known as Press Week, because of the cancellation of Paris fashion shows due to Nazi occupation.
  • 1944 – Ruth Finley launches her famous fashion calendar.




  • 1953 – Claire McCardell (credited for inventing the American look) introduces “soft parts and pieces” which is a casual and comfortable approach to fashion design.


Anne Klein


  • 1965 – Anne Klein starts the invention of separate tops and bottoms.
  • 1969 – Oscar de la Renta shows his first collection to the public.


Calvin Klein AD


  • 1972 – Calvin Klein launches his first underwear
  • 1973 – Eleanor Lambert takes five American designers to Paris to be showcased along with the leading European designers such as Chanel and Dior.
  • 1975 – Iman arrives in America. She becomes an international model and breaks down a great race barrier.


Anna Wintour


  • 1985 – Donna Karan shows her seven easy pieces line, which is practical separates in jersey and flannel.
  • 1988 – Anna Wintour, newly editor of American Vogue, makes her first appearance at New York Fashion Week.


Bryant Park (white tents)


  • The 90’s became the decade of the supermodels: Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss, and Naomi Campbell
  • 1993 – New York fashion week, which was previously scattered all over the city in apartments and warehouses, moves to Bryant Park under the famous white tents.


Lincoln Center (the new home of Fashion Week)


  • The generation of photography and celebrities in the front row. Famous faces all gather in Bryant Park for fashion week.
  • 2001 – The first day of New York fashion week 2001 was September 11. Fashion week was cancelled.
  • 2002 – New York and London fashion week exchange dates so that New York doesn’t fall on the first anniversary of 9/11
  • 2003 – Founder Eleanor Lambert makes her last appearance at fashion week, one month after her 100th birthday.
  • 2010 – New York fashion week is moved to the Lincoln Center.

Fashion Week

23 Jan

The Birth of Fashion Week

“With Paris Sorely stricken and All Possible European Successors in Like Plight, New York Has Thrust upon It the Honor of Designing Fashions, and So, in the Manner of Paris, Will hold Its First Great Fashion Opening” (Vogue, November 1, 1914 p. 35)

Fashion scholars have studied and written about the histories of the corset, the Mary Jane shoe, and the poodle skirt, but no one has yet written a definitive history of the fashion show. The fashion show is not only the promotional foundation of a multibillion-dollar industry, it was also pivotal to the development of the American department store, which then led to the rise of the American consumer culture.

It is possible to piece together the long lost tale of New York’s Fashion Week. Fashion Week in its earliest embodiment was a bid to overthrow the tyranny of the French. According to Valerie Steele, chief curator and director of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, the event got its start in 1943, when an acclaimed fashion publicist named Eleanor Lambert organized an event called “Press Week,” which would later be known as “Fashion Week.” Lambert was a PR connoisseur who recognized that it was an advantageous moment for American fashion. Before World War II, American designers were thought to be dependent on French couture for inspiration. When the Germans occupied France in 1940, one of the ensuing calamities was that buyers, editors, and designers were not able to travel to Paris to see the few remaining shows.

World War II helped turn the spotlight on American designers when Paris fashion was not available. Fashion publicist Eleanor Lambert saw the absence of French couture as the perfect opportunity to group American designers (many of whom, including Charles James, Adrian, and Claire McCardell, were among her clients) and start New York Press Week, a twice-yearly showcase of designer collections for press and buyers and the model for what is now known as New York Fashion Week. Lambert strengthened the American position in fashion and poised American designers to a level at which their names were recognized and they could finally compete with French couture for attention. She gave American fashion credibility.

With Press Week, Lambert hoped to give editors a chance to see and write about the work of American designers.

When Press Week first began, designers’ fashion shows took place in the Pierre and the Plaza Hotels. As the years passed, schools like Fashion Institute of Technology and Parsons, or clubs and restaurants like the Four Seasons, became admirable venues.  By the 1980s, shows were spread out all over New York City, with younger designers trying to find hip and affordable venues, and this had press and buyers trekking all over the city for a week to see the collections. In 1993, prompted by the increasing hardship of having to race from show to show, which then led Fern Mallis, then director of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (an organization Lambert started in 1962), to produce the shows in Bryant Park, which created a more organized and modernized show.

Fashion Week helped American designers reach a more international audience, as it allowed editors, writers, and buyers from abroad to come watch the country’s best work in one area.

Starting this year, Lincoln Center will be the new home of New York Fashion Week. Now, the fashion show belongs to Manhattan the way the movies belong to Hollywood; the spectacle exists elsewhere, apart from our everyday lives.

Sources: http://www.slate.com/id/2135561/


Quick Update on What’s Coming …….

23 Jan

Pretty Little Liars (cast)

  1. Look for the “Winter” version on How To Manage Your Money
  2. Golden Globe Award
  3. PRETTY LITTLE LIARS fashion guide (addiction to PLL)
  4. GOSSIP GIRL fashion guide (anticipating and counting down to the days of it’s return)
  5. FASHION WEEK !!!! (favorite part of the year)
  6. Fashion trends for school, dates, dinners with family, etc (all occasions)
  7. What actresses are wearing.
  8. Top 5 or 10 Fashion Movies to watch
  9. Soon I will be taking suggestions and opening up fashion advice section!
  10. More stuff to come later …..

Gossip Girl (the show where fashion is a necessity to fit in)